2013-02-28 14:39:15 by tlishman

Hey guys! Thanks Newgrounds for the frontpage again! :D

I have been featured in 3D Artist again, and I am going to be writing an article for them.

I accept commissions! Send me an e-mail: or message me on here, and we can see if we can work something out. :D

I still do ZBrush training via skype: tlishman2



2012-08-26 11:23:39 by tlishman

Sup guys. Few events.. firstly someone stole my work. Turned out to be a 'friend' from college claiming all the credit. Yay.

Secondly.. im in the 3D Artist (UK) Magazine Readers Gallery section! Issue 46 goes on sale September. :D

Few clients, which is good.

Still got openings for ZBrush tuition! Whats that? £15 quid for a two hour lesson on how to use ZBrush? Amazing.

So its been a while....

2012-08-14 05:57:29 by tlishman

...since my last post.
Which was actually my first. So yeah. Second post AHOY!

Last time I said hello, my stuff has been featured like three to four times. Much thanks guys!
Just to clear things up:

ZBrush - The main program I use. Its awesome, and I'm addicted.
- Digital Sculpting tool! Essentially like manipulating digital clay. Great for high poly sculpts.
- Moderately high learning curve, the first month is the hardest.
- Made by the fine fellows at

Photoshop - The other main program. Well.. if you don't know about photoshop then yeah..
- 2D Image editing software.

There you go. The two programs I really need to create 90% of my art. Having a Wacom tablet kinda helps also.

All is going well, University in September. Excited.. but also means less time for ZBrush. Also possibly landed a freelance job.. exciting stuff!

Any requests? Love me? Hate me? PM Away!


2011-11-30 14:27:12 by tlishman

Heyyy newgrounds! Welcome to my profile thingie..whatever.

Yeah.. so i just got one of my pieces featured on the front page, and i got scouted for the Art Portal!

Not bad!

I utilise alot of ZBrush and Photoshop, and you will frequently see both 2D and 3D works in here!

Unfortunately.. im terrible at flash, so don't expect any animations any time soon ;_;

Im willing to collab though!