So its been a while....

2012-08-14 05:57:29 by tlishman

...since my last post.
Which was actually my first. So yeah. Second post AHOY!

Last time I said hello, my stuff has been featured like three to four times. Much thanks guys!
Just to clear things up:

ZBrush - The main program I use. Its awesome, and I'm addicted.
- Digital Sculpting tool! Essentially like manipulating digital clay. Great for high poly sculpts.
- Moderately high learning curve, the first month is the hardest.
- Made by the fine fellows at

Photoshop - The other main program. Well.. if you don't know about photoshop then yeah..
- 2D Image editing software.

There you go. The two programs I really need to create 90% of my art. Having a Wacom tablet kinda helps also.

All is going well, University in September. Excited.. but also means less time for ZBrush. Also possibly landed a freelance job.. exciting stuff!

Any requests? Love me? Hate me? PM Away!


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2012-08-14 13:51:39

the helm, mad hatter, and the creep are quite possibly the most appealing of your works you've posted on newgrounds thus far.

not sure what i would suggest but the bike you recently made just shot up my respect for you.
maybe try more simplistic semi-sleek, rough models perhaps? maybe non organic?


2012-08-14 22:09:10

You should totally remake something from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask..... I know that seems kinda random but that game's art style was so cool. Or remake something from Morrowind!

tlishman responds:

I... have not played it...

Before you/other people rage. I have just ordered a Gamecube and that just happens to be one of the many games coming with it. :D So maybe. Maybe.


2012-08-20 18:32:11

Hey men your art is great! First time i see it today and i love it.
About ideas, how about something of "binding of isaac" game. The stech can be simple and you make that so creepy and nice.
So, i draw too.. but nothing compared to yours, some of my shit in my profile.