Entry #1


2011-11-30 14:27:12 by tlishman

Heyyy newgrounds! Welcome to my profile thingie..whatever.

Yeah.. so i just got one of my pieces featured on the front page, and i got scouted for the Art Portal!

Not bad!

I utilise alot of ZBrush and Photoshop, and you will frequently see both 2D and 3D works in here!

Unfortunately.. im terrible at flash, so don't expect any animations any time soon ;_;

Im willing to collab though!




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2011-12-01 05:15:40

how do you produce so much so fast? you're impressive.


2011-12-01 12:05:57

You really do make beautiful models super quick, man. Its really impressive.


2011-12-02 21:12:50

hey, could you possibly do the joker from batman, batman, and man bat? i would really like to see that art. i really like your art, so i really hope that you can create them, that would be awesome


2011-12-05 22:07:25

I've been creepin your art man and all I can say is wow! My roomates and my girlfriend agree that regardless of the fucked up content it's absolutely unreal. Keep up the good work man

- ENDemic


2011-12-07 05:01:45

Are you rich yet? Your talent is uncanny, and you may be hearing from me soon to commission a ZBrush rendering of one of my characters to help with concept for the game I'm making if you'd be interested in doing something half-bio half-machine. Not sure if you take requests =D


2011-12-07 16:23:59

dam man your are amazing hey i wanted to know if u could draw this its from a game The Darkness do u think u could draw the darkness from the game?