2012-08-26 11:23:39 by tlishman

Sup guys. Few events.. firstly someone stole my work. Turned out to be a 'friend' from college claiming all the credit. Yay.

Secondly.. im in the 3D Artist (UK) Magazine Readers Gallery section! Issue 46 goes on sale September. :D

Few clients, which is good.

Still got openings for ZBrush tuition! Whats that? £15 quid for a two hour lesson on how to use ZBrush? Amazing.


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2012-08-29 00:53:04

What exactly would this consist of im definitely considering this i recently got a copy of zbrush.

tlishman responds:

The first half hour i'll introduce you to zbrush and teach you how the interface works and the various aspects. I'll then proceed to show you my workflow for character creation, while explaining each step. It will be via screenshare on skype, so not only will you see what I'm doing, you will also be in direct communication with me, so any questions and I'll answer along the way. So i'll cover:

-Sculpting techniques
-Photoshop Post work.

Any other questions feel free to PM me.

Thanks :)


2012-09-08 12:47:48

what kind of music do you listen to?

tlishman responds:

Pretty much anything but stuff on the radio.

I love:

Infected Mushroom,
Panic! At the Disco
Daft Punk
Iron Maiden
Brand New
Manchester Orchestra
Some Dubstep.. entirely depends on the song.


2012-09-17 22:34:16

Wow, your work is amaaaaazing! :D


2012-09-18 02:39:37

You have serious talent! I wish you the best of luck. I attempted ZBrush... ONCE. hahaha.


2012-09-20 23:08:15

Congrats because of your issue in magazine, sir! I set "Bullet" as wallpaper on my cell. It's my favourite far now.