Entry #4


2013-02-28 14:39:15 by tlishman

Hey guys! Thanks Newgrounds for the frontpage again! :D

I have been featured in 3D Artist again, and I am going to be writing an article for them.

I accept commissions! Send me an e-mail: tlishman@gmail.com or message me on here, and we can see if we can work something out. :D

I still do ZBrush training via skype: tlishman2



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2013-03-07 15:38:59

Yo dawg what time is it?! I think you know it's adventure time!


2013-04-20 15:41:13

Hey tlishman do you have a youtube channel with speed arts?


2013-05-22 04:05:38

Some of your work has been shown on this website/blog: http://geekologie.com/2013/05/terrifying-adven ture-time-characters-ren.php

Congratulation on the attention!